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Founded in 2003, LifeVantage is a multi-level marketing company offering products related to the health and beauty industry. Additionally, they offer a business or income opportunity for those interested in making money marketing their business or their products. What are some of their products and what are the details of their business opportunity as well as what is the cost to get yourself started immediately are all questions that will be answered within this review. +

NEW! Feature article - Sugar and it's ties to Heart Disease

Sugar - Linked to Heart Disease (over 50 years ago.)


50 years ago the Sugar industry covered it up.

There may be a solution to Heart Disease

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Sugar has harmful effects on our health, and it is not because of the sweet food or junk we eat, researchers have carried out testing on how the equivalent calorie count of sugar and other foods react on our bodies. In other words, sugar industries have hidden the truth because they want to sell you on mass-production, a cheap and non-sustainable product. Including destructive farming practices.

LifeVantage - What Sugar Does to Our Environment World Wildlife Foundation – the impacts of Sugar production.

For 50 years, WWF has been protecting the future of nature. The world's leading conservation organization, WWF works in 100 countries and is supported by 1.2 million members in the United States and close to 5 million globally.
According to a report from staff writer Jaime Green
Sugar has detrimental effects on our health, and not just because sweet foods tend to have a lot of calories. Plenty of research has shown that the same calories of sugar versus other foods do very different things to our bodies. And new research shows how the sugar industry has tried to hide those findings.

Dietary foods have become the conventional wisdom as to what caused rates of heart disease to increase in the last fifty years. These norms are challenged and it's not true that some cholesterol from ingested dietary fat, fats from eggs or steak could then go from your stomach and possibly be clogging or coagulating in your blood vessels. This does not happen.

Research in the last decade has started analyzing the relationship between the direct consumption of sugar and how it leads to heart disease. We’re seeing a lot of new information about the wisdom associated with this logic, not only regarding heart disease; but we know that also, sugar feeds cancer cells as well. In the 1960’s, a scientist researched the cures and causes of heart disease and found, based on their research that sugar is one of the leading factors. According to some papers, the sugar-industry hid and covered up the information to not allow it spread.

One of the researchers behind the new study, Stanton Glantz of the University of California, San Francisco, told NPR, “What the sugar industry successively did is they shifted all of the blame onto fats.” In 1967, the Sugar Research Foundation secretly funded a review article that discounted research that was pointing to a link between sugar consumption and heart disease. That article was published in The New England Journal of Medicine. Then, the SRF embarked on its own study, using rats to compare the health effects of consuming sucrose (sugar) versus starch or a rat’s normal diet.
In their recent article,
Protandim Lifevantage Featured on NBC News PBS says the Sugar industry withheld possible evidence of cancer link
UCSF dentist Cristin Kearns started digging into the sugar industry 10 years ago, after representatives at a conference said there is “no scientific consensus” that sugar is linked to chronic illnesses. She combed through library archives across the nation and eventually stumbled across a box containing “confidential” documents on “Project 259.”

Glantz research when combined with evidence from Project 259 gives us an idea of how the Sugar Research Foundation, tied to the American sugar trade association, funded its own research and manipulated the results of how sugar industry artificially sweetened Harvard research into into the detrimental health effects of sugar; strategically pulling funding just before the research could be completed and published, because things were not looking good. He took three years to conclude, in the twelve weeks from the completion – the primary result showed that rats on a high level of sugar diet had higher triglyceride levels in their bloodstream than every other rat. Meanwhile, high triglycerides are a risk factor for stroke and heart attack in human. The study showed similarities between consumption of sugar and beta-glucuronidase, an enzyme linked to the bladder in humans

That study went on for three years. While funding to finish the study was denied—just twelve weeks from completion—the preliminary results showed that rats on a high-sugar diet had higher triglyceride levels in their blood than other rats. In people, high triglycerides are a risk factor for heart attack and stroke. The study also showed a connection between sugar consumption and beta-glucuronidase, an enzyme associated with bladder cancer in humans. These are rat studies, and risk factors rather than the presence of any disease, so this doesn’t mean that sugar causes heart disease and bladder cancer. The discontinued research wouldn’t have been a smoking gun, but it would have been part of a growing body of evidence that sugar is more than “empty calories.” Glantz’s study is part of its own growing body of research, too—one that shows how industry-funded science tends to find results that benefit the industry (and that research that would harm the industry is often aborted or left unpublished), whether it’s cigarettes, pharmaceuticals, or climate change."


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